This is actually a part of my million_dollar strategies And I want you to clearly understand it because a lot of advertisers are still blind to it and keep making one of these mistakes.

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1. A Facebook page and Facebook profile are two different things. And you need to create a Facebook page using your Facebook profile to enable you to run sponsored Ads.
Visit: facebook.com/pages/create to create yours.

2. Before running your first Ads promoting your products or services, it’s best to have a number of likes on your Page first.
You’ll be amazed how many likes you can get on your Facebook page with as little as #1,000

3. If your page is new, before running your first conversion Ad, it’s necessary to have a few posts on your page that’ll give some value to your target audience.
This is because when your Ad gets to a *Cold audience (people who have never heard of your business, products, or services)* they will want to know if they can trust you before giving you their money.
So, most of them will first check out your page to see what’s going on there.
4. If your Facebook page is not frequently used, it also helps to get some engagements on at least five(5) of your most recent posts.
Run an engagement Ad and get them a couple of hundred likes and some comments.
So, when prospects check your page after seeing your Ad they’ll see hundreds of engagements on your most recent posts and will be more inclined to trust you.