6 proven smooth ways to start eating healthier this year


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As most people know and acknowledges “a way to a man’s heart is to make him a good meal”.

This is a great advantage and opportunity for women who actually understands and practice that saying.

Individuals in the society today  believes it is so hard to change a man’s meal compared to his culture and that has got me worried, because I feel culture is what a man holds tight and also serves as a defense mechanism, but meal having more influence than the culture really opened my eyes and understanding of how important healthy meal.
Today, we shall be looking proven ways to start eating healthier, but before then, we would like to take a look at some questions and related searches people are asking and making      which are  related to this article. These questions and related searches are;
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Peopls have been asking me and they  are also searching for;
What are the best health tips?
How do I start getting healthy?
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I know you will really he anxious to know this proven smooth ways to be healthier this year and even aftermath.
Nevertheless, you should also know that this article is relevant at home, in school and in your various place of work. This is because the importance of food to the Human system and  brain can be be over emphasized.
Food is essentially a welcoming agent for human growth, development and accomplishments especially when it is a healthy one.
Below is a listed proven smooth ways to start eating healthier this year. We urge you to take your time to study, understand and practice all you will learn next in this article.
1. Drink enough water each day you rise from bed, before your meal and after your meal.
This is very important for a proper functioning of the body system. It is advisable and any health practitioner will open advice you to drink enough water as it help in metabolism.
Metabolism is the process whereby used food in the body of human are being removed either by excretion, sweat or by any other possible means.
Water doesn’t just help in metabolism only ,but also in anabolism and catabolism.
Anabolism which is the building up of substance while,
Catabolism equally is the breaking down of particles or molecules into smaller units.many more importance of water which would be discussed later in other of our posts.
2. Eat plenty fruits and vegetable.
Fruits and vegetable are good source of vitamins and minerals including potassium and vitamin C. They are wonderful source of dietary fibre which helps to prevent constipation and other digestion problems.
Fruits and vegetable will definitely help to adjust food in take, reduce high food consumption, brighten and lighten the skin.
Also, the importance of fruits and vegetables should also be emphasized on it’s ability to fight some disease and help in anti ageing.
3. Eat regularly and adequately.
This another thing that must be taken into consideration to maintain a good healthy body.
Eating regularly means eating at when due. This could be classified as breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Eating adequately means eating appropriate. Eating in the right portion. Don’t over feed yourself and don’t starve yourself. It has to be balanced.
4. Prepare your meal in a healthy environment.
Preparing meal in a good environment is something that can not be ruled out in pursuit of good health. Healthy environment, clean area for preparing is vitally important so as to have a clean food and also to avoid  spread of bacteria and micro organisms which is very dangerous to the human and the environment.
A cook should always make sure the environment is properly cleaned, well swept and ready for making meals.
How to keep the kitchen or cooking environment clean.
1. Sweep the place when in use or when not in use.
2. Dust the table and other surfaces when in use or when not in use.
3. Wash dirty plates, spoons and other kitchen utensils after usage and when not in usage for a long period of time.
4. Remove cob webs around by using broom and other useful material as such.
5. Take your bath before entering the kitchen, when sweating and after using the kitchen to avoid disturbing odour etc.
5. Wash your hand before preparing meal and after.
This is very important, because our hands are full of germs which are not aware of most times.
Proper washing of the hand before and after preparing meal is very important. This should be done in line with clean water and good bowl.
6. Consume less salt and sugar.
Sugar has it own function as salt also has it own contribution in making meal a delicious one. Nevertheless, avoid high sugar in take is a way of keeping a healthy body and also living healthy.
Too much of sugar intake can cause insulin resistance, obesity, tooth decay and diabetes.
Too much salt has its own effect which includes water gain, high blood pressure of which we all know can lead to heart attack, heart failure and also stroke.
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