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How to Earn Money on Anthenokbiz Income


Anthenokbiz Is a website that pay you for having fun Once you have signed up, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of ₦50

Daily login bonus is ₦30

You’ll earn ₦5 per comment you make on the site

you earn ₦100 as referral commission


Each person you refer, you get ₦100 instantly Note: (wildrawal of affiliate is daily minimum wilthdraw is 500) while others are monthly

reading news is N5

clicking links is also N5

Comments is also available at #5 per one

maximum new per day 10

maximum link per day 10

maximum comment per day 15

Anthenokbiz registration is only one-time registration fee of N200 and activating through choose coupon code

You can earn up to 205 per day if you don’t reffer *30 days  6150 for non refferal

Click here to reg

Visit www.anthenokbiz.com.ng

Click on sign up

Then use the chat button on the website to purchase the coupon code