How to Make Money From Mullerpay

Mullerpay is an income program established with the mind of eradicating poverty in the life of Nigerians and Africans.


Everyone is free to join the platform so far they have smart phone and are capable of paying the registration fee


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We are MULLERPAY well planned organization with the vision of eradicating poverty in the midst of the masses, as it is appears to be a cancer-worm that has eaten deep in our society today.


Our brand have in Stock team of well-experienced online affiliate entrepreneurs and webmasters who handles the affairs of our business.


Our Brand is built firm with the sole aim of providing a source of income and employment for its registered members.


We are patronized by large reasonable amount of members who are willing to journey to the kingdom of riches and conquer the whelms of poverty.


Our Brand have some stipulated lists of how activities function and its rewards which includes:


*Registration Bonus of $3


*Daily login $1


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