I Don’t Envy Nor Admire Burna Boy, Wizkid, Davido,Olamide And Others

Everyone aspires to be great in life in their various field or line of business while others look at those at the top of their field as inspiration,mentors, teachers and even masters for achieving their goals and target.But to Tangible (Sunofsonx) his views and opinion is different on the subject matter as he believes one should only admire what he/she has proper knowledge about and
When we reached out to him,he had these to say
How do you feel about Burna boy winning the Grammys?
I feel happy for him and others winning it but I’m not surprised because we all know what he is capable of doing in this field cause he is a top player in the game
Recently the Gov of Rivers State Nelson Wike gifted him a land in GRA and also giving out 10million each to other artists who came to celebrate with Burna boy what’s your take on this gesture?
I believe he deserved it because hard work must be appreciated and celebrated and the gov did what had to be done as a state and has for others who got 10million I’m also happy for them because they are fortunate enough to tap into Burna’s glory
I spoke to some other artists and they wished they were the ones who won the Grammys while other admires Burna boys achievement,do you think it’s right because when Burna boy didn’t win it the first time he was norminated people were making all sort of statement but now the reverse is the case?
I’m not surprised at all coz that’s humans for you but one thing they all fail to understand it that time is unique and Beautiful but personally I respect what Burna has done for himself and family also for Nigeria and Africa but I don’t admire nor envy him at all no disrespect,I only admire things or people of who I have deep sense of knowledge about what they do, what they went through to achieving their dreams and being the people they choose to be.
What we all are seeing is just the beautiful pictures of Burna’s hustle but we don’t understand the pains, the challenges, discipline, hard work even the things he deprived himself of in other to be who he is now,so until I understand this things that’s when I’ll know if truly one is ready to walk through this admiration path.
Do you wish to be like Burna boy,Wizkid,Davido,Olamide and the likes?
I wish to be me coz I’m me and forever will be me, everyone is unique in their own different ways and can never be another
I have respect for all of them but I can never be any of them coz I’m original
I’m Tangible Sunofsonx and I’m here to impact and leave a legacy and be legendary
I’m Legion
What are we expecting from you?
Well my EP “NO EXCUSE” is still out there making waves and the feedback has been massive and I’m in the studio cooking dope ish and very soon I’ll dish it out to the fans and general public to feed on

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