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Working positively toward Achieving your Goals.. positive mind

Working Positively Towards Achieving Your Goals.
The fears of failing dominate mostly our thoughts and actions when we embark on this journey of achieving our goals and aims or even when there are various challenges facing us [positive mind] . Being negative minded or biased about what we do or want to achieve goes a long way in determining the outcome of what we do. When our thoughts are just based on the mindset that it may or may not work, we do not plan to succeed. Therefore, being positive about all we do is the best approach towards success. Having what we want in mind and working towards it. In the context of this writing, the four pillars of well-being will be examined to see how best they can help us in achieving our goals and help us work positively in all we do. The four pillars of well being will help anyone who has a goal to achieve and is positively minded towards achieving that achieve his or her goal with ease.
The Outcome:
This is a decision-making area, one who wants to set a goal and achieve them must first think before setting goals. The ability to know what you want lies here. Therefore, before setting goals, you are to know too well what you want. The thoughts that are to occupy you here should not be what you don’t want but what you want.
When one decides on what he or she wants, check to know if It’s positively formulated. Your goals are to be formulated positively. If your goal is for a negative gain then why set such goals that that will end up soiling you. Your goals should therefore be on things that are possible and positive. If one is in SS1 and his goal is to be a graduate before the year ends, you see the goal is positively formulated but it’s impossible. Therefore, while making decision and setting goals, ensure that they can be possibly achieved and not based on fantasies.
Having the resources to ensure that our goals and targets are successful is another important aspect of the outcome. It does not just depend on setting good goals and having the best approach to it, the availability of the resources needed to accomplish your goals should be available. One who wants to be a voracious reader is by expectation supposed to have books or even the money to buy them, least the ability to collect from others. Resources therefore differs depending on the goals that one has.

The ability of one to relate cordially with his or herself is vital to achieving your goals. When there is a binding relationship amongst the mind, body and soul, they work together in making a better personality. You can make wise decisions only when you are in charge of yourself and no third party has no direct or indirect control over you. When the mind and body understands and relates with the other well then ones goals and decisions will be born out of a healthy union. If there is no rapport in one, one becomes gullible to ideas from third parties which may affect negatively. Advice’s are to be properly examined before been taking in.

Being flexible here implies been able to explore various options and ways of reaching an outcome. Approaching issues and challenges in different ways and been able to arrive at the same outcome. One who has one way of doing things is always choked up when that one way does not work out. But one who has different ways of approach is never choked up for when the other way does not work, the other will. In making decisions and achieving our goals, we must strive to be flexible and make different plans on how to work on our goals and achieve them, when you are lucid on what you want, make ways to make it happen.

Sensory Acuity:
Staying healthy means paying attention to yourself and the signal your body emits. The ability in using your senses to know when things are about going wrong is significant. When one is acute in senses, he or she is conscious of all that is happening around him or her and even before things go wrong has made possible, correcting errors. In order to achieve our goals, we must be conscious of ourselves and of what we want. The way your mind arranges things, affects your actions.

Working towards are goals is very important. Goals are not just set and abandoned to achieve itself but the constant use of our efforts and initiative to realize them. Therefore in working towards them, obstacles and challenges will always come to dissuade your efforts but it’s here that our perseverance is tested. For our goals to be achieved we must work towards it.