Self mirroring (poem)

I saw my other self.

I was standing so upright. An homo erectus I must have grown to be.

Up I saw myself. I could feel the presence of other beings.
A social being I have developed to be.
The feeling of seeing my own self. Could I be LegendGp or could I be Godspower?
Who am I ?
I paused for a second to ask.
What, who ,whom have I grown to be?
Too many questions.
Too many possible answers.
Too many clues.
Too many road to real identification of who  I have come to be.
The mirror..
Like a culture,
Which mirriors peoples life must have come to
Mirror me.
I was being mirrored by a glass of which I thought had my other self.
Am I real
The one in the Mirror is the real one.
Is it me or it’s him in the mirror?
Seeing other bodies same in the graphics of Glass forming an image which seems like the  sensual gathering.
The imagery displayed in the mirror graphics gave me hope of being real.
Though I never thought to be real.
In it , I saw fact which could be real.
I noticed I was smiling.
I could also see my dope gee, Chris not Christ.
A man of Santos not a fan of Satan.
Well dressed like an European, yet in the midst of African.
The cloth made it africanic.
The time which Africans hold tight.
The bangles, wrist band not the watch is very symbolic to africanism.
If only all these I saw was just a reality,
Not coming from mentality.
I paused.
Could I repause?
I am not bothered about the pause.
I was only thinking about the purse.
Why it gets so empty like a curse
Though I seem to follow my course.
Could it be I have been unfocused,
But I raised a science made object which have become a technology in the society to capture my other self.
Am I real
The one in the mirror is the real one.
In the mirror I look so mature.
I could see the face of criminals.
There must have been a trait of criminology in them.
They act cool, but are they cool?
They are thieves and they are not.
Which is real?
Am I real
The one in the mirror is the real one?
Until I identify the real me which I don’t think I can, but…
A criminal,
A social criminal,
A pyscho,
A psychologist,
A rationalizer,
A ghetto in the ghetto,
A changer,
A mind inferencer.
Till then I must say.
Till I try to identify,
The real identity.
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