Tangible Sunofsonx Rise and Shine with “No Excuse EP

As the sun shines and brightens the day,so does Tangible aka Sunofsonx lights up his fans with his music lighting them out from every dark dull moment, making them wanting more.
We all agree that the year 2020 was a year that can never be forgotten in a hurry as the covid19  took and shocked the world but one of the things that kept Nigerians and the world going was good music.
And we can say that the expectations for the year 2021 are gradually fulfilling as Paul Nsikak Jonah popularly known as Tangible (Sunofsonx) rains fire through passion and talent with is single “Conqueror” and “Yeye Dey Smell” a popular anthem on the lips of all Nigerians
Following the success of the singles which were released early this year Tangible Sunofsonx is about to in his own words “Break the door coz there’s no keys” with his forthcoming EP “NO EXCUSE”
Despite the fact that he is one of the raving art of the moment very little is known about the SUNOFSONX
One of our team member spoke with him as he takes us down memory lane and straight up in the future and in this interview the Afro-Soul genius SUNOFSONX shared tangible insights with GISTNOBS
What inspired the name Tangible (Sunofsonx)?
Tangible is the English meaning of my native name Nsikakabasi meaning Tangible God
How would you describe your sound?
I’ll say it’s Afro-Soul because music is life and life consist of the body, Spirit and soul and I speak to these elements deep unlocking the unconsciousness of mankind through it
Which Artist inspires your sound?
A lot of them the likes of Baba Fella,2Baba,John Legend,Darey,Nas, Micheal Jackson,Bob Marley I mean the list is endless
What do you find interesting and not interesting about your career?
Creation and the everyday lessons I learn and I’ve learnt and that’s because in the cause of it all I’ve taking a lot that made me the man I am today
When you are not doing music,what do you love doing?
I love Barbing, Operating Excavator,Reading, Playing play-station,Snooker,Table Tennis, Football and watching Boxing
How do u make your music?
Randomly that’s because I flow with the energy that comes with the process
What inspired the “NO EXCUSE” EP and the hit single “Aleri” and E Say E Say Weytin?
Everyday life’s experience and my instincts
And also I love to impact so “Aleri” is just my little way to brighten and light up my fans and the general public while “E Say E Say Weytin” is a piece of advice for our youths
How do you plan to maintain consistency without pressure?
I have never felt any form of pressure in this aspect of my life why because I’ll say it’s one of the best things I love doing,so I’ll just let my music do the talking and see what the future holds for me
What more should we expect from the EP “NO EXCUSE”?
A whole lot plus videos coz I’m always cooking and creating good music,hopefully another EP but the focus is on “NO EXCUSE” coz it is what it is
What would you have being doing if not for your music career?
Operating Excavator and Barbing
In one of your post on Instagram,you talked about being friends with somebody you refused mentioning his name but people are assuming it is Davido because of the caption “T & D” friends still death,so can you tell us the anonymous person?
Yeah I did post that and that’s because what I said on that post is the truth we’ve been friends over twenty four months only in dreams and believe me I know for sure that the person see’s me and feel the same too coz the bond is enternal and as for his name time will definitely unravel the truth about this mystery
(Laughs) it’s crazy and funny
(Pause for a moment) and deep very deep believe me
What message do you have for your fans?
Thank you,thank you and thank you again coz if it wasn’t for them all I wouldn’t have been here, I appreciate the love,trust and support from them all
God Bless You.

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