What is coronavirus and what to do If i sense the symptoms

In this page, we shall he looking at what coronavirus is, how it came to be, symptoms of coronavirus and what to do if noticed?

Convid-19 started in wuhan which was first experienced in December 1, 2019.
Coronavirus is zoonotic, meaning it is transmitted between animals and human being The virus is believed to have spread to over 30 countries of which all China provinces is known to be affected.
As of February 22, 2019, over 77,941 cases has been confirmed and over 13,123 cases are very crucial and serious. The worst part of this is that the diseases has spread beyond it original to other parts. Aside from China, mainland, it has spread to other countries.
The outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by W.H.O , world health organization.
The world government for health and security has reacted to the situation by implementing and implanting body temperature checks, health declaration and information signages in other to immediately report and  Mark victims having the virus.
Everyone is to be conscious and cautious of what’s happening in the society. It is not just a threat to human health as a global concern ,but also an affectious thing in political, economical and other spheres of global network and markets.
The virus said to have been reported in 35 countries approximately and more counts are ongoing. The most affected region is the China, mainland who has a repotted case of over 76,000 case and over 2,000 deaths.
Other affected countries include;
International conveyance
South Korea
United States
United Arabs
United kingdom
Sri Lanka and other little places.
One funny aspect of this virus is that the Chinese people are still trying and tacking a possible trace to know the origin of the disease and way of curing it.
The symptoms of coronavirus are known to be this.
1. Coldness.
It is believed that one symptom of coronavirus  is that the victim experience high cold.
2. Another symptom may be fever
3. Cough would also follow.
The victim would cough profusely and continuous. Non stop coughing
4. Shortness of breath and breathing difficulty.
The victim of the virus may find it so difficult breathing thereby having breathing difficulty which is now a respiratory issue. And when an individual began to experience difficulty and problem in breathing, death is sure near.
Furthermore, in more severe cases, the virus can cause pneumonia – a disease of the lung which is estimated to be a problem in Nigeria causing over 1 million cases per year in Nigeria. With the coming of this coronavirus is actually a big burden and we pray not to experience that.
Also, severe acute respiratory , kidney failure and may also lead to death.
It is therefore a general issue to be tackled by everyone in the society just like other former experiences like Ebola virus, HIV / AIDS.
 We pray not to experience coronavirus as some Nigerians are already making prank about the virus. Some claim we have corona cars and we haven’t had the virus over the years that it is safe for us, while some claim that the hand machines we have been using to grind some soup seed like egusi, groundnut and bedel seeds has corona written on it.
We therefore plead to the world bodies and every government of a state, to work in hand to make sure this virus is combated in no distance time as it is global issue.